FRINGE COMEDY – Merrick Watts: Man of the Hour – The Garden – 4K

His first solo show in 23 years, Merrick Watts came to the stage with great presence and energy. Immediately heckling the late-comers. The charismatic performer instantly came in to a world of his own, talking of childhood, social media and how unfathomably irritating todays generation is. Watts nailed it, not only was his timing and comical dynamic spot on, he was honest in his opinion on todays social ‘issues’ which the audience clearly appreciated.

Merrick’s performance was free-flowing and linked together perfectly; referring back to old jokes well. He even managed to introduce an emotional element to the performance which seemed truthful and reflective, which really helped the dynamic of the overall show.

A great show, Merrick is a very very funny man with great stories and an excellent stage presence.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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