Glittery Clittery – GOUD – 4K


Tessa Waters, Rowena Hudson and Victoria Falconer-Pritchard have come together to deliver a all singing, all dancing spectacular.

This show is three very funny ladies talking about serious and important issues in a humorous way. That’s not to say they are making light of or belittling the significance of these issues. The core issue is always respected and the importance is highlighted, but a dose of comedy is added.

The audience involvement is beautiful. The crowd is dancing, singing, clapping and laughing throughout the hour long performance. Various prizes are used to great effect to lure audience members to the stage (including a consensual pash with Tessa Waters).

Victora Falconer-Pritchard brings her mastery of the keyboard and lyrics combined with the outrageous humour of both Tessa and Rowena, it is truly one of the funniest shows of this year’s fringe. The show has a particularly short run, so I would suggest that you buy tickets immediately!

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