CABARET FESTIVAL – Pajama Men – 3.5K

indexBy Peter Maddern

This town is littered with the bill posters for stand up comics, especially for the Fringe. Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez, in Adelaide for the first time, are two Americans who work their magic in tandem, dressed in somewhat plain blue pajamas and non-matching pairs of socks.

Their humour takes us from the cockpit of a plane (where the captain has mislaid the keys), to two TV news presenters, an interview with a strange animal activist and a wonderful card shuffling routine – perhaps the highlight of the hour.

It’s rapid fire, energetic humour with not a punch line missed.

However, the presence of an electric piano and associated pianist does not for cabaret make, so be warned, this is just stand up, very good stand up to be sure but just stand up, pure and simple.

Kryztoff Rating  3.5K

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