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A Laughing Matter – From This Wednesday on Ch 44

A Laughing Matter is a brand new South Australian sketch comedy series written by and starring local comedians and actors! Modelled on such greats of sketch comedy as Monty Python’s Flying Circus, A Bit of Fry & Laurie and The Micallef Program with a modern South Australian twist, this community TV show is guaranteed to have fresh, exciting and original material every week to put a smile on your face!

Theatre: Potted Potter – Her Majesty’s until Nov 17th – 2.5K

This is a fun, family friendly show but lacks any real ingenuity. Those in the older age group of the audience were likely left somewhat disappointed by the lack of wit involved in, and predictability of, the majority of the jokes. The under 12s lapped them up. 2.5K

The Golden Phung host Adelaide Comedy’s 1st “Sketch Comedy Night” Tues 17th at The Arkaba

LIVE SKETCH COMEDY! The Golden Phung return to the stage after a 5 star Fringe Season alongside fellow sketch troupes; Gravity Boots and the Ridiculous Files …For One Night only!

CABARET: Tripod – Men of Substance – Banquet Room – 4K

Adult is not usually one of the words you’d choose to use to describe Tripod. However, that’s what their latest show, Men of Substance, centres on – what awaits when you leave your youth behind and become “an adult”. Of course, getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that you get more mature, as illustrated perfectly by …

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Ed Castle Variety Nights in June

Ed Castle has discovered a cure for loneliness. Lonely cries finally answered! Never be lonely again!
From 9pm on Wednesdays in June The Edinburgh Castle Hotel will be transformed into a late night variety show! Introducing Wednesday Night for the Lonely Soul’ a free variety show. See post for details.

FRINGE – Jason Byrne – Arts Theatre – 2.5K

For some time his show seemed to be progressing well until, like too many other comedians, Byrne then saw a need to descend (or was it plunge) into 10 hard core minutes of vagina jokes – like why? 2.5K

FRINGE – Swami in Me – 3.5K

Clearly showing vocal skills with her singing and her guitar playing, Torbet puts a hilarious spin on several songs with rewritten lyrics that would leave the audience keel in laughter. 3.5K

FRINGE: Late O’clock with Rob Hunter – Comedy – The Arkaba – 4.5K

This is the crème of the crop when it comes to comedy variety shows. Hunter and McGregor are both fantastic talents who provided a brilliant setting for other acts to promote their shows, while also creating an original and hilarious sketch piece of their own. 4.5K

FRINGE – An Audience with Nik Coppin – 3K

An ‘Adult’ Audience with Nik Coppin would be a more suitable title. 3K

FRINGE: Huggers – Comedy – The Bunka @ The Austral – 3K

While not every act was a hit with every audience member, there was something for everyone and this is a great way to introduce kids to the Fringe. 3K