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FRINGE – Horse – Queens Theatre

The show was well received at the Edinburgh Festival and has travelled well from the UK, I hope it’s as successful in its run here. 4K

FRINGE – Stephen K Amos – Arts Theatre – 4K

There was much to enjoy in the show, some material deadly funny, and his somewhat unique way of interacting with his audience was great fun. 4K

FRINGE – Eddie Ifft – Eddie’s World – Arts Theatre – 3K

Eddie’s humour is squarely of interest to little more than single guys in their early to mid twenties for whom good taste and the perils of misogyny have yet to invade their lives. 3K

(ADELAIDE FRINGE 2012) Kel Balnaves “Do Not Feed The Demon” Interview (stand-up comedy)

“There’s a demon in everyone’s life that ruins some of your great experiences. A demon that is summoned by the question: “What could possibly go wrong?” Kel was warned not to feed the demon…”

FRINGE – Shaggers – Austral – 2.5K

If you have had a few at the Austral and looking for a last show before going home (may be for some shagging), then Shaggers could round off your night. As a special occasion, much better is on offer. 2.5K

FRINGE – An Irishman’s Guide to Internet Dating – Austral – Red Room – 2K

You may need to judge this one for yourself. 2K

FRINGE – Dave Thornton – The Some of all the Parts – Rhino Room 4.5K

If you are looking for a genuine talent, David Thorton is here. 4.5K

FRINGE – Guilt Ridden Sociopath – Byron Bertram – Gluttony – 3K

Bertram was funniest when he seemed to go off-script and banter with the crowd.

FRINGE – Tom Ballard – Rhino Room – 4K

It is pleasing that amidst the great cynicism about the interest of Australia’ s youth in national affairs, there is one 22 year old who not only gets off on politics but is also very funny about it. Tom Ballard is that man and he is great.

RAW: David Strassman – Careful What you Wish For – Dunstan Playhouse

David Strassman, the world renown ventriloquist is back in Adelaide with a brand new show. Careful What you Wish For must be Strassman’s 5th show he brings to our shores since the early 1990’s when he leapt from comedy clubs to the theatre stage right here in Adelaide. Of course accompanied by Chuck Wood, more …

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