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FRINGE 2018 – COMEDY – Jason Pestell: Kmart is Life – Rhino Room – 4K

Kmart is Life, a comedy skit on bargains and the life of being a cheap stake. A local comedian, Jason Pestell has quick-wits and has given Australia a taste of it. In the show, Pestell described his life mission of finding the greatest discounts and bargains for homewares at Kmart; divulged the audience of his …

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FRINGE COMEDY – Mark Twain Tonight – Buckingham Arms – 2K

When one reflects that the four most famous quips of Twain as rated by Mr Wikipedia didn’t make it to this show, it is hard to conclude this show nailed his subject or his target audience. 2K

FRINGE COMEDY – The Gong Show – Producers – 3.5K

For a different take on the Best of format, the Gong Show is fun. 3.5K


by Riccardo Barone Terry North is back for you with his irreverent, provocative selection of world wide comedians. The Griffin’s balcony is packed and the audience can’t wait for the next comedian. Kyle Legacy from UK opens the night with his post-punk provocative attitude. The interaction with the audience is prominent and with successful results. …

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FRINGE MUSIC – Louise & Sally on Tin Pan Alley – Queen’s Theatre – Kryztoff 5K

Transcendent, spine-tingling vocals. Exultant classical and improv piano virtuosity. A rhapsody painted in the colours and language of the soul. Kryztoff 5K

FRINGE 2018 – MUSIC – Stravinsky & Chanel – National Wine Centre – 4.5K

Emma Knights Productions presents this hour-long journey of a preview to the rumoured love affair of two undeniable icons that revolutionised their respective fields. Igor Stravinsky and Coco Chanel’s influence on each other lives and the world truly echo to this day. With those echoes, this performance has portrayed it very well with the intertwining …

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FRINGE 2018 – COMEDY – Amos Gill – Where Have I Been All Your Life? – RHINO ROOM – 4K

By Olivia Henry. You might recognise Adelaide’s Amos Gill from hit107, ABCTV’s All Star Comedy Gala or even Just For Laughs. However, if you’ve never seen him live, his new show is Amos as you’ve never seen him before.   The radio star’s gift of the gab translates well to the stage. He takes the …

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Fringe 2018: Undercover Refugee – 4K – The Producers

Sit back as Karen and David take you through a lighthearted, yet very real, tale of Karen’s work with Syrian refugees in Lesbos, and in transit across Europe into Germany. Part theatre, part comedy, Karen weaves a tale of the social media obsessed volunteers, kindhearted refugees, mafia bosses, and sleazy and racist policemen that she …

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by Riccardo Barone “You’re both wearing the same shirt! Now they’re gonna exchange Bitcoins under the table, furtively…” Tech-no-logic topics, digital misfunctions, scars left from modern embarassments. We are facing how challenging is our daily life surrounded by iphones, smart watches and micro laptops. The comedian Peter Dobbing energetically describes the way we have become …

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FRINGE 2018 – CABARET – Hot Mamas – La Boheme – 3K

It is very apparent that this ex-burly duo, Chrissie and Liz are true hot mamas. Their stage appeal has not been discounted not because the are now mothers. Very captivating and charismatic. The show takes you along on their journey of becoming hot mamas. The ups and down of pregnancy that were celebrated on a …

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