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FRINGE 2013 – Shakespeare for Kids – Romeo and Juliet – Holden Street Theatres

I’m a Shakespearean purist. With the single exception of Ethan Hawke’s 2000 version of Hamlet and maybe one or two Kenneth Branagh adaptations floating around here or there, if it’s not adhering strictly to the Shakespearean script it’s generally not good enough for me. So I was a little anxious about how a show could …

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FRINGE 2013 – Mr Badger tells The Wind in the Willows – Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Everyone knows that kids are the hardest critics to please. Judging by this criterion, Chris John as Mr Badger won the 2013 Fringe Festival critics choice award, because he managed to enthral a very picky pair of 4 and 6 year old sisters and their stepmum and daddy. Presented under the shade of an enormous …

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FRINGE 2013 – The Candy Butchers – Garden – 4.5K

With a strong finale of theatrical acrobatics, eerie sounds and dark emotions that creates a mood akin to a piece of H.P. Lovecraft pulp fiction, The Candy Butchers is an act that definitely speaks for itself and will bring you to your feet, whilst simultaneously leaving you to beg the question: What the hell did I just see? 4.5K

FRINGE 2013 – Remnants found in you – Nexus – 3.5K

The dancers who collaborate with Remnant Dance are clearly highly skilled in their art, and present a riveting and beautifully conceived show. 3.5K