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Fringe 2013

FRINGE 2013 – Foreign Objects – Austral Hotel – Red Room – 3K

Foreign Objects is a group of 3 female comedians, a Greek, an Asian and a Kiwi, who joined together to bring their own comedy show to the Adelaide Fringe. With home bases in New Zealand, Australia and New York, TM Bishop has appeared on some of the most prominent stages internationally and televised in NZ …

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Fringe 2013: Bar Studies 101 Botanic Bar 2.5K

You enter a cramped bar in the back of The Botanic, you sit upon a barstool and then science. Owen Collins is the captain of this vessel which explores six creative ways to combine alcohol and science. Previously a demonstrator at the Questacon Collins walks the fine line between humour and science. These two things, …

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FRINGE 2013 – Altar Boyz – Star Theatres – 3K

By Ben Nielsen Capitalising on the resurgent popularity of boy bands, the musical comedy Altar Boyz is a ‘real time’ performance by a Christian band from Ohio. On the last leg of the ‘Raise the Praise’ tour, the five boys land in Adelaide, using music to spread the word of God. Besides being formed specifically …

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FRINGE 2013 – The Saints of British Rock – 3.5K

It is doubtful that any production will rival the film, Spinal Tap, as the greatest rock’n’roll spoof of all time but the Saints of British Rock provide great fun in having a go. All great fun and older Fringe goers will find plenty to enjoy. 3.5K

Echolalia 3.5K Adelaide College of the Arts – Stables

Echolalia is A Kallo Collective production created and performed by Jen McArthur. The show has taken home several awards for its use of silly, physical theatre and dance. There is a deeper tone, which explores social etiquettes and graces. After working with autistic children on a holiday camp, Jen McArthur created the character ‘Echo’ who …

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FRINGE 2013 – Piano Chicks – The Promethean – 4K

By Alana Massalsky Becky Blake is a piano chick.  A seasoned performer well versed in the ups and downs of making a living in the entertainment industry, but evidently still very much in love with the life.  In Piano Chicks Becky candidly shares personal and professional stories, mingled with songs by famous piano chicks influential …

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FRINGE 2013 – Tumble Circus: This is what we do for a living – The Birdcage – 4K

Up a flight of inconspicuous stairs lit with electric candles, down a seemingly endless prison-beige hallway resides The Birdcage, the most beautiful condemned cinema you will ever see. Radiohead’s Creep fills the cavernous space. Pastel coloured metal folding chairs line the shallow stepped stairs, the shrieking scrapes as they are pulled out and shuffled around …

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FRINGE: Theatre – My One and Only – Bakehouse – 4K

Just what is the difference between true love and stalking? When you think about it, it’s really just a question of whether the other person returns your feelings. Layla (Tamara Bennetts) is 29 and newly single. Despite some clearly unresolved feelings for her ex, Ben (William Jarman), she has decided to get back into the …

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FRINGE 2013 – Desperately Seeking The Exit – Austral – 3.5K

This tell all is a compelling and thoroughly enjoyable story. 3.5K

FRINGE 2013 – East, Woman Shifting on the Time Axis – Garage – 3K

The Taiwanese performing arts group have spectacular technique delivering a professional performance. This work is very inline with a neo classical style of contemporary dance. 3K