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by Riccardo Barone A simple soldier. An Aussie soldier. No, not really a soldier, one of them, Commandos, one man army. Not really. Let’s start again: a  young mankind, a “chocolate soldier”, butcher meat, hero with no glory, someone who tried to be a soldier. What could have been the daily life of a soldier …

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Sometimes confronting and often hilarious, the super-talented Killjoys have brought their joyous burlesque-cabaret-circus-rock show to the Adelaide Fringe. On their opening night on Tuesday, despite having to deal with injured muscles and broken shoes, they gave a wonderful performance in front of a very appreciative and engaged audience. Presented almost as a series of variety …

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by Riccardo Barone  Whilst people were finding a seatable solution, waiting for the firy show to start, at the Empyrian Gluttony a DJ was standing at the top of the stage handing out some introducting vibes. The audience is sitting in a semi-open space, which was sold out. The show starts with her, the Spanish …

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FRINGE 2018 – COMEDY – Dating Naked – The Producers – 5K

Dating Naked is a stand-up comedy performed by Doughnut Girl, Tor Snyder. It almost felt like you are taken in one of the bedrooms at a house party to branch off for a much cooler party. Tor took the whole crowd to a world of chuckles with her natural wittiness; gets everyone to play and gives …

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FRINGE 2018 – MUSIC – Boogie on Down to Soul Train – Arkaba – 5K

An incredible night for all ages to enjoy. 5K

FRINGE 2018 – CIRCUS – By A Thread – Gluttony – 4K

As much fun as seven people can have with a rope. 4K

FRINGE THEATRE – Borders – The Studio at Holden Street Theatres – 5K

Borders – spectacular, spine-tingling, soul-piercing, unashamedly political. Ultimate union of peerless production and artistic transcendence. Kryztoff Rating 5K

FRINGE 2018 – Marcel Blanch-de-Wilt: Love and Cordial – 4K – The Producers

There’s one word to describe Marcel Blanch-de-Wilt’s show Love and Cordial: sweet. Detailing the story of how he met his wife, Marcel weaves a journey of self-discovery, love, misery, and life’s ups and downs whilst he was getting $1 movies, letting go of his NIDA dreams, and writing punny copy for a cordial company. As the Venue …

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FRINGE 2017 – Delia Obst – 4K – Chateau Apollo

Delia Obst, an Adelaide-based folk singer, brought her whimsical talents to Frome Street’s Chateau Apollo for the Adelaide Fringe. Presented by The Porch Sessions, this performance was very much in the same vein; Persian rugs adorned the floor, relaxed musicians take the stage, surrounded by nature and the hip surrounds of Roxie’s next door. Whilst …

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FUEGO CARNAL – Gluttony – 5K

EMPYREAN  – 7pm March 2nd 2018 Review by GARY CLARKE   –  5K Reviewed by GARY CLARKE    5K Fuego Carnal is Spanish for Fire-Flesh  and the title of the show is brilliantly descriptive of this amazing performance.   When I first saw the flyer I  was impressed at the visual impact it made.  So as I was …

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