Tag: AC Arts

FRINGE – Seven Kilometers North-East – AC Arts – 4.5K

For me Kym Vercoe displays perfectly in the misconception of understanding in what another face may have endured. The twist behind the mind, questions behind your own thoughts and perception. 4.5K

FRINGE: The Disappearances Project – Theatre – AC ARTS – 3K

The Disappearances Project was certainly intellectually engaging, but it would be a stretch to define it as entertaining. If you’re up for a bit of deep thought and want to learn more about the subject matter though, it’s a good way to do so. 3K

RAW: Richard III – AC Arts – 4K

All up, this a worthy rendition of Richard III, with abundant young talent on show in the cast and the crew. Terry Crawford needs to be congratulated for the production and Matilda Bailey needs to be added to any theatre goers’ watch list for the future.