Tag: Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012

Cabaret Festival – Kane Alexander – All I Know – 3K

Fine voice, great backing band, pleasant hour but not memorable. 3K

Cabaret Festival – Circa and Katie Noonan – 4K

Songs about Australia’s convict women does not much sound like a riveting hour of cabaret entertainment and the prospect of having them combined with circus gymnasts hardly sounds a likely fusion of forces. But enterprising Australian singer Katie Noonan and three dancers from the fabulous Circa make it happen. 4K

Cabaret Festival – Mark Nadler – 5K

If any show may come to define the 2012 Cabaret Festival, with its darker themes, then Nadler has delivered it. LIke those who stuck their necks out in the period under the spotlight, Nadler delivers a masterful and brave performance. 5K

Cabaret Festival – Nadeah – Fest Theatre Stage – 3.5K

Nadeah is witty, relaxed and keen to involve her audience in her show (the 6.30pm timeslot perhaps being not the best for that but tonight’s 9.30pm one should be ideal.) 3.5K

Cabaret Festival – Kim Smith – Misfit – 4K

Truly a master of his craft, Smith’s Misfit is a show not to be missed – wonderfully crafted and executed. An hour was not enough. 4K

Cabaret Festival – Lea Salonga – 5K

The Adelaide Festival Theatre provided a simple backdrop and minimal staging decorations in order to allow a more intimate performance between Salonga and the audience. The powerful vocal performance displayed emphasized Salonga’s professionalism in being a renown musical theatre actress. 5K

Cabaret Festival – Brushes with Keys – Banquet Room – 4.5K

The show hit peak form in the last twenty minutes when friends, singer Ursula White and guitarist Peter Grimwood, joined pianist and painter on stage with the finale also including Cabaret director, Kate Ceberano, complete with Salvador Dali moustache, belting out I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker style. 4.5K

Cabaret Festival – Eddie Perfect’s Misanthropology – 5K

Put simply, Eddie delivers perfectly a great hour of music and humour. 5K

Cabaret Festival – Kurt – Justin Burford – 4.5K

The show was not what I expected but everything I had wanted. 4.5K