Tag: Adelaide Festival of Arts 2012

FESTIVAL OF ARTS: School Dance- Theatre – 4K

It is a brave aim to produce a play aimed at teenagers but this production should attract any child of the 80s or fan of comedy theatre. A real treat for Festival goers who have ever or are currently living the teenage experience. 4K

FESTIVAL OF ARTS – The Ham Funeral – Odeon – 4.5K

Staging The Ham Funeral can be rightly regarded as a risk production, hence totally suited for the Adelaide Festival but despite the mysteries of the meaning of it all, no theatre goer should be deterred by that potemtial from attending for The Ham Funeral is great entertainment, superbly presented and dominated by Bruce in a stand out performance. 4.5K

FESTIVAL: Malmo – Vitalstatistix – Waterside – 4K

Malmö has immense appeal. It brings dance and theatre together to create a wonderfully irreverent, yet moving, exploration of one of the recent crazes in Australia. 4K

Festival of Arts – Proximity – ADT – Preview

Proximity by Garry Stewart Adelaide’s own internationally renowned dance company, Australian Dance Theatre, presents a new world premiere as part of Adelaide Festival 2012, at Her Majesty’s Theatre from 24 February – 3 March. Proximity is an immersive dance and video experience where the miniscule becomes massive, the singular becomes multiple and fleeting moments are …

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