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FRINGE 2015: Fin – A Feast of Fools – Royal Croquet Club: The Black Box – 3K

A strange group of characters come together on the high seas: haunting shanties are sung by a three legged girl; the crew are agile acrobats; a mermaid appears and turns out to be quite adept with a hula-hoop; and a bewildering creature, who seems to be some sort of sentient buoy and is obsessed with …

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Fringe 2015 – Hex – The Royal Croquet Club- Black Box – 3K

By Tom Eckert Hex is an abstract dance piece directed and choreographed by James Welsby and performed by himself, James Andrews and Chafia Brooks. It is an emotive expression of the effect of AIDS in both reality and concept on the gay community. This expression is accomplished very adeptly by the three incredibly athletic dancers. …

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