Tag: Fringe 2013 Circus Reviews

FRINGE: Circus – A Simple Space – The Birdcage – 5K

Gravity & Other Myths are a local group of alumni from Cirkidz who show audiences just what the human body is capable of. Accompanied by Elliot Zoerner on drums, the five featured performers (Lachlan Binns, Jascha Boyce, Jacob Randell, Martin Schreiber and Triton Tunis-Mitchell) throw themselves into each segment of the show with monumental energy …

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FINGE 2013 – Limbo – Garden – 5K

To be sure Limbo is not the cheapest ticket in town but there is no risk of not getting your money’s worth – a thrill for all ages and a reason why the Garden is the centre of the Adelaide Fringe. 5K

FRINGE 2013 – The Candy Butchers – Garden – 4.5K

With a strong finale of theatrical acrobatics, eerie sounds and dark emotions that creates a mood akin to a piece of H.P. Lovecraft pulp fiction, The Candy Butchers is an act that definitely speaks for itself and will bring you to your feet, whilst simultaneously leaving you to beg the question: What the hell did I just see? 4.5K