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FRINGE: Circus – A Simple Space – The Birdcage – 5K

Gravity & Other Myths are a local group of alumni from Cirkidz who show audiences just what the human body is capable of. Accompanied by Elliot Zoerner on drums, the five featured performers (Lachlan Binns, Jascha Boyce, Jacob Randell, Martin Schreiber and Triton Tunis-Mitchell) throw themselves into each segment of the show with monumental energy …

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FRINGE Knock Off – The Birdcage Arcade Lane, Adelaide – 4K

Knock Off is a combination of contemporary physical circus, comedy and music as three very Aussie guys walk onto a building site with the mission to educate the audience on how to construct a contemporary circus show. Think circus meets renovation rescue but what can go wrong goes wrong. Performed in a very entertaining manner, …

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