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Fringe 2011

Mark Nadler – Runnin’ Wild

By Heather Jean Moyes Mark Nadler doesn’t just entertain, he grabs your attention. He enters the stage with: eyes that hook right into you, a mock threat in the ever present violin case, a sweeping comic touch in his delivery, a body that articulates emotion, drama and comedy with nuanced as well as larger than …

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Adelaide Festival- Rocky Horror Show- 5K

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show has a long and illustrious (if very tawdry) performance history. The sheer weight of the calibre of actors and actresses who have embodied the quirky, albeit exceptionally odd, array of characters over the years us enough to make any theatre-goer stop in awe. The impressive line-up can often prove a …

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FRINGE- Spandexx Ballet- 5K

Local Adelaide dance class troop Spandexx Ballet encompasses everything one could possibly want in an 80’s-themed aerobics class. The music is loud, perfectly picked to suit the era, and with enough variety to account for taste (or lack thereof). The costumes are provided, though coming prepared in your own spangly leotard, glittery tights, or fluro …

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Jonathan Prag – Classical Guitar

by Heather-Jean Moyes An intimate setting and superb classical guitarist, filling the room with music that at times carried me away – a very pleasant opening to the festival. It was the Fringe actually but Friday night was opening night of the festival, I could tell because outside I could here the cars. Inside it …

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FRINGE- At the Last Gasp- 4K

A feast for the eyes, At the Last Gasp showcases some of the best circus and physical theatre that the Adelaide Fringe has to offer. Brimming with youth and vigour, the one-hour show is a medley of highwire tricks and impossible feats of accuracy blended with the emotional distress of life. Through a series of …

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FRINGE- Reverb Theatre Presents Peter Pan- 3.5K

As a beloved children’s classic, Peter Pan is almost always a delight to behold, no matter what format it comes in. In the past ten years, Hollywood has produced four film versions of the story, emphasising the versatility of one of the most truly enduring stories to come out of the decadence of Victorian England. …

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FRINGE- Death Comes at the End- 3.5K

As far as board games go, Cluedo must rank among the highest used for other entertainment forms. Movies, books and plays that set a murder in a closed environment are a dime a dozen, without having to be orchestrated well. That is why Death Comes at the End has done something truly wonderful to make …

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FRINGE- Miss Fortune Presents the Beautiful and the Damned 2K

I had expected to be transported, to be seduced by stories and the power of the female body- and instead all I saw was a fairly amateur production that lacked the magnetism and raw energy a burlesque show should possess. 2K

FRINGE- Beyonce Diva Dance Workshop – 5K

Hot off the back of an Australian tour, this workshop could not have come at a more fitting time for the ladies of Adelaide who were desperate to get their hands on (and minds wrapped around) the secret to Beyonce’s particular brand of sass. 5K

FRINGE- Foil Arms and Hog – 3.5K

With no time to acclimatize to their particular brand of unpredictable and faced-paced comedy, the audience is thrown right into a world where foul-mouthed schoolboys rap and busty heiresses are exploited. 3.5K