360 ALL STARS – Grand Auditorium

360 All StarsCroquet Club 2nd March 6:30pm

Fabulous Feats and Street Beats                                                        by GARY CLARKE – 4 .5 K

It was a hot sunny afternoon down by the riverbank at The Croquet Club.  We were seeking to beat the heat with some cool relief and we found it in the imposing edifice of the Grand Auditorium.  It came in the form of chilled air pumpin’ into the venue from massive air-conditioners and chill beats pumpin’ out from the stage via Gerry and Perry. (Gerry Peterson and Sam Perry).   The combination of huge screen scenes, fabulous feats and funky beats meant we were in for a treat. This circus brings the big tent to the street.

Not your usual circus, with 360 All Stars, jugglers were skittled for the man with the big balls, Basket Ball Free-styling guru Basketball Man.  The unicycle was retired and the BMX wheeled in, flat out in the hands of Peter Sore.  Acrobats were dumped for breakdancers as we got physical with BB Physick and BB Leerox, poppin’ and lockin’ their way through a high energy set.  While Rhys Miller rounded out this circus crew with some curvilinear cavorting in, on and around the Roue Cyr.

360 Crew got down and they pushed our red button.  The crowd were up and the tent erupted.  It was 60 mins. of relentless high energy grooves and high power moves… A full house was hooked for the duration.

The buzz continued as we stepped out into the warm evening.

My only gripe was the lack of any female presence on the stage.  There are truckloads of highly talented XX performers out there.  So how about it guys?

If you are into feats, beats and street culture sneak-or run away and join this circus.            4.5K

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  1. The only real gripe I have is the total lack of female presence in the show. What a pity…

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