The Party – Fringe 2023 – 5K

We were invited to a party – and that is it certainly what it was. The Party conjured up memories of all the parties I’ve ever been to (and some that I’ve missed out on!). All the usual suspects were there including the inevitable gatecrasher, the crazies, the show-offs, the practical jokers, and the lovelorn.

With a great set, costumes, music and lighting we were treated to fabulous song and dance routines, acrobatics and humour all woven into the storyline of a wild night. There was romance, jealousy, fights, sex and even a talking toilet. The audience were ready to party along (the usual Adelaide reserve was not evident) and were skillfully included in the fun from the very beginning.

With fast-paced high energy performances happening all around us it was often hard to know where to focus one’s attention, just as at a great party you could feel that you might be missing out on something even better through another doorway. Although the only way to look was up when the talented aerialist was swooping and diving above our heads.

The Spiegeltent in the Garden of Unearthly Delights was the ideal venue. The show spans 120 minutes with a 20 minute intermission included and there is a bar for refreshments.

The Party is classified R18+ with (lots of) adult themes including nudity and is not recommended for the prudish or fainthearted. Showing until March 19th.

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