FRINGE 2015: James McLean – Big Enough and Ugly Enough – 4K

By Anthony Nguyen

iconsquareAD5After debuting in 2012 with his musical comedy hit, A Kick in the Head and Other Seduction Techniques, James McLean is back for the 2015 Adelaide Fringe with his new comedy show Big Enough and Ugly Enough.

Big Enough and Ugly Enough tells McLean’s story when he received a letter and an unopened box from his grandma that she left for him after her passing in order to help him in his struggles moving out of home and living alone. The unique storytelling experience is portrayed as a series of amusing flashbacks and memories which included his attempts in meeting new people at an accidental ‘swinging’ club, giving back to the community through dodgy charities, and pains and struggles of working in hospitality. Although the narrative was somewhat slow at times, the combination of self-deprecating humour and hilarious punchlines affirm McLean’s comedic talent and style.

Through several piano-assisted songs, McLean naturally utilizes his vocals skills in assisting the story with cleverly and hilariously written lyrics whilst encouraging audience participation. Though some songs can be slightly long and some mistakes were made on piano, McLean doesn’t fail to work them to a comedic sense and create further amusement through music.

Big Enough and Ugly Enough is an entertaining and humorous one-man show which is highlighted by McLean’s theatrics and vocal talent. With a more comedic drama-centered show this year, McLean delivers endearing performance that shows that sometimes all you need is a spoon.

James McLean continues his sold-out Adelaide Fringe shows at the Bakehouse Theatre until Saturday March 28th. Thus if it’s too late to score a seat, you can be sure that you will hear his name in the Australian comedy circuit in the future.

Kryztoff Rating: 4K

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