FRINGE 2016: Cosmonaut – 4.5K


By Amy Nancarrow.

US Comedian Ryan Good promises at the beginning of Cosmonaut that the hour-long show will be a journey; to this end, he’s absolutely right. Appearing on stage in a silver jumpsuit and light-up dildo, Cosmonaut is a ridiculously funny journey through Good’s sex life from start to finish.

Good works his way through the 10 worst Cosmopolitan Magazine sex tips of all time. In between these tips, he muses on the gender-shaming aspects of the magazine, his own sexual and relationship experiences, and even reveals a touching secret that added a completely different dimension to his already great show.

Being someone who normally hates audience interaction, I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed it in Cosmonaut. Bringing one person up on stage (our subject: a quick-witted 18-year-old called Callum) and having them be an essential part of the show was fantastic. Good stresses that audience interaction is voluntary, and if anyone felt remotely uncomfortable, we would move on to someone else. Another hilarious interaction with a picture of Burt Reynolds was another audience-participation highlight.

Good is also adept at physical theatre; he’s not shy, and had no qualms about nudity or self-deprecation. He manages crazy costume changes with the help of handy videos about Cosmopolitan, and a clever use of sound effects.

Cosmonaut is a frank, funny look at sex, relationships, and Cosmopolitan that is well worth a late-night trip to the Garden.

Kryztoff rating: 4.5K

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