The Purple Rabbit Rides Again – Fringe 2023 – 4K

Take a wild ride down the rabbit hole with a fluffle of super talented performers in this upbeat high energy show.

With great music, special effects and a charismatic cast the audience were hooked and keen to be involved from the start.
Dom Chambers, the Fake Wizard, tied the show together with humour and displays of his beer-based talents. Angie Sylvia with her fiery bubble bursting burlesque was balanced out by Pipsa the fabulously unflappable Finnish foot juggler. Lulled into a false sense of security we were then confronted by Harper, the hilarious and somewhat scary psychic-sexual-psychologist (don’t worry, she’s a professional, trained at the Byron Bay Institute of Alternative Sciences). Reuben Moreland grounded us with his more classic magic skills and clever wit.

A combination of magic, comedy, circus and burlesque makes the Purple Rabbit much more than the average magic show (something I’ve always avoided after seeing endless card tricks which always left me wondering… WHY?). Okay, the card tricks were quite intriguing and the brief inclusion of a screen and a description of split attention and sleight of hand (and other body parts) by Reuben was informative for a novice such as myself.

But wait, there was more : a game show segment, dick pics, art therapy…
This international cast of talented individuals worked well together and indeed their finale involved a menage-a-five with them all performing the same card trick at the same time with different sections of the audience, with surprising results.

The Purple Rabbit Rides Again contains adult themes and it might be best to leave the little bunnies at home.
Catch them in the Vagabond, Garden of Unearthly Delights until March 19th.

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