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FRINGE 2016: THEATRE – A Gambler’s Guide to Dying – Holden Street Theatres – 5K

As the winner of Holden Street Theatres’ Edinburgh Award, A Gambler’s Guide to Dying has a reputation to live up to, and it does so with ease. This unusual coming of age tale, focuses on an eleven year old’s relationship with his grandfather, as he is introduced to the world of gambling; to the thrill …

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THEATRE – Labels – Holden Street – 3.5K

Excellent theatre except for a five minute polemic near the end. 3.5K

THEATRE – Echoes – Holden Street – 4.5K

Both women give compelling performances. Sure to be a Fringe 2016 theatre highlight. 4.5K

FRINGE – #NOFILTER – Holden Street – 3K

Directed by Claire Glenn with pace and certainty given the age and experience of her players, #nofilter is a fun production with many useful insights on a modern day fancy that hopefully will soon have had its day. 3K

FRINGE 2015: Kinski and I – The Studio, Holden Street Theatres – 3K

Kinski and I, is an interesting experience. It explores the life of German actor Klaus Kinski, through readings from the original (since banned) text of his autobiography and small snippets of other information provided by presenter C J Johnson. Less like a traditional theatre production and more like a documentary – biographical dialogue accompanied by …

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FRINGE 2015 – MUSH AND ME – HST – 3.5K

Given the currently increasing discussion about the role of the Muslim community in this country, Mush and Me is clear about how a modern cosmopolitan country needs to accept and respect in equal measure differing perspectives of God and the world around them. 3.5K


How many theatre shows get a near spontaneous standing ovation and cheering from their audience – this was the stuff normally reserved for rock stars! 5K

FRINGE – Bitch Boxer – Holden Street Theatres – 4.5K

When we first meet Chloe Jackson (Holly Augustine), she’s managed to lock herself out of the house. This is particularly bad considering she was already running late and can’t risk her Dad finding out that she’s been slacking off all weekend with her new boyfriend, Jamie.  Bitch Boxer is all go from the very first, as …

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FRINGE – Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking – Holden Street Theatres – 4.5K

Anyone who didn’t catch John Hinton’s last one man scientific musical journey (focusing on the life of Charles Darwin), when it was on at the 2012 Fringe, really missed out. Hinton is a likeable, energetic performer with a passion for academic history, a deft control of the English language, a sizable chunk of musical ability …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Agnes of God – Holden Street – 3K

Following the death of a baby, born to a novice nun in a convent, Dr Martha Livingstone (Nicole Rutty) is brought in by the court to ascertain whether young Sister Agnes (Michaela Burger), who claims to have no knowledge of having born the child, is sane and should face charges of murder. Agnes is a …

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