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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2013 – A Circus Affair – 3K

By Anthony Nguyen Weaving in a mix of circus, comedy and romance, comes the whimsical story of A Circus Affair, produced by the Australian-based circus company, Circosis. A duo performance from lovable characters Mr Kiko (Andrew Cook) and Sarita (Sarah Mason), it tells the story of two aspiring performers who take on the world whilst …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – Raton Laveur – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

Rodents in the roof can drive the calmest person to distraction. Lily (Wendy Bos) comes home in response to a desperate phone call from Phil (Ben Noble), who appears to have developed a rather unhealthy obsession with racoons, and soon realises that something has gone badly wrong. Together, they have to try to determine a …

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FRINGE 2013: Theatre – I Am My Own Wife – Bakehouse Theatre – 4K

With the prejudiced and homophobic views of both the Nazi and Communist regimes in Germany in the 20th century, the fact that transvestite Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (born Lothar Berfelde in 1928) not only survived but apparently managed to flourish, seems remarkable. I Am My Own Wife follows American playwright Doug Wright as he travels to …

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Last Tango in Smithfields Plains – Bakehouse – 3K

The writers have done an excellent job of teasing out the stories of their characters and the fusing of their souls after breaking down the barriers of suspicion is very believable and nicely paced. 3K

If The Walls Could Talk – Bakehouse Til 10 Nov – 3.5K

Given the role of the Blackbox initiative is to give local playwrights opportunities, the whole production, cast and crew, achieve their aims admirably. Many will delight in the light heartedness of it all and an enjoyable evening at the theatre is assured. 3.5K

Fat Pig – Bakehouse – 4K

Excellent fun and nobody of any age who has been in an office environment will miss recognising all the characters. 4K

RAW – The City – Bakehouse – 3.5K

For a taste of what we can look forward to at The Playhouse from Geordie Brookman , this captivating 80 minutes of The City is worth the effort. 3.5K

FRINGE – Counterproductives – Mr and Mrs – Bakehouse Theatre – 3.5K

Certainly it is a very enjoyable performance to attend. 3.5K

FRINGE – Shakespeare’s Queens: She-wolves and serpents – 2K

The actors did make you feel a part of it all, although without the highs and lows, this piece of theatre became much all the same. Just re-living one drama after another. 2K

FRINGE: Jane Austen is Dead – Theatre – The Bakehouse – 4K

There were lots of gleeful giggles of recognition and several audience members nodded at various segments – presumably seeing either themselves or their friends being represented on stage. Jane Austen is Dead is an amusing evening of light entertainment, presented by a talented performer. 4K