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RAW: OzAsia – Japanese Film Fest – Gantz 2

Gantz 2 not only plays out like a comic book does and humans physically can’t, but it will blow you away with some of the most unique fight scenes ever seen on screen.

RAW: Film – Big Mamma’s Boy – 3.5K

For those who are in immigrant families where protective parents rule (or have ruled), there is much to be enjoyed and many characters will resonate with audience members from that background, whether Greek, Italian or whatever and of whatever age. It is simply just good fun. 3.5K

RAW: Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide – BRITFILM Program 6 Aug – 1 Oct

The BigPond Adelaide Film Festival and the Art Gallery of South Australia are delighted to present BRITFILM, the best of British filmmaking from the last decade, with free screenings at Art Gallery of South Australia every Saturday from August until October. Opening night tix giveaway competition details in posting.

RAW: Film – X-Men: First Class – 3K

All over X-Men: First Class does not live up to expectations, even with the efforts from the cast. First Class allows itself to be bogged down with the original X-Men story lines, rushing to establish characters, relationships and in-jokes that reference the cartoon and original movies, all of which bury the more significant and interesting plot lines. 3K

RAW: Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

The Human Rights Arts and Film Festival returns to Adelaide from 9 to 12 June with a program that seeks to raise awareness of human rights issues around the world through award-winning films and engaging visual arts. See post for details and links.

RAW: Film – Snowtown – 5K

This is an Australian cinema classic and while there is nothing uplifting about the story, it will leave you pondering what world we exactly live in when this can happen seemingly just up the road. 5K

RAW: SA Screen Awards – Winners Announced

The South Australian Screen Awards (SASA) were announced last night (Friday 13 May) at a gala event at the Mercury Cinema.

RAW: Meet Lucas Pittaway Pt 2

This time last year, Lucas, then 17, was considering a future as a mechanic in the army, as he roamed an Elizabeth shopping centre with his older brother Paul one Saturday afternoon. He had quit school just two months out from graduating because as he said ‘I had my licence and a job.’

RAW: Green Room WASABI Short Film Competition

Budding young filmmakers have the chance to get their short film screened at this year’s OzAsia Festival, as well as the rare opportunity to take part in a workshop with internationally-renowned company, The People’s Republic of Animation.

RAW: Snowtown – Meet Lucas Pittaway – Pt 1 – Video Interview

Starring as Jamie Vlassakis, Lucas Pittaway recently spoke at length with Kryztoff in an exclusive interview. See post for link.