Category: Theatre

THEATRE – NORTH BY NORTHWEST – Festival Theatre – 4K

It’s clever, well-crafted and typically great fun for a summer Festival Theatre season. 4K

THEATRE – OzAsia – Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land – Playhouse – 4.5K

Adelaide audiences treated to a classic of contemporary Chinese theatre. 4.5K

THEATRE – The Gods of Strangers – State Theatre – Playhouse – 3.5K

Dina Panozzo gives one of the best performances seen on the boards of the Playhouse this year – 3.5K


War Sum Up is an hypnotic palimpsest of music, entrancing vocals and stunning visuals. A woman in modern-day dress enters playing a music box and drifts into beautiful and melancholy singing. Located at the front of the stage she attempts to continue with her life in spite of the dramas unfolding behind her. The theme …

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THEATRE — OZ ASIA — While I Was Waiting— Dunstan Playhouse —4K

Both a political commentary and a portrayal of an ordinary young man’s life, ‘While I Was Waiting’ adds a much-needed human element to our understanding of the Syrian Civil War.

THEATRE – How the Other Half Loves – Galleon – Domain Marion – 4K

This is great entertainment – 4K

THEATRE – OZ ASIA – Guru of Chai – Space – 4K

This is a masterful display of story telling, of twists and turns and its own highlighted views on humanity and our search for happiness. 4K

THEATRE – Mamma Mia – Festival Theatre – 4K

If you like the music you will much enjoy this production. The ones with the tickets are the winners who take it all. 4K

INFINITA – Pleasance – 4.5K

Infinita is mesmerizing, captivating entertainment done by artists of the highest caliber at the top of their game. 4.5K

WOYZECK – Pleasance – 4K

Excellent work by a very capable team. 4K