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OzAsia Festival – Beirut Electro Parade – 3.5K

by Riccardo Barone Focused on the Electronic Music scene, the producer Hadi Zeidan inspires the city of Adelaide with a rich selection of DJs and the most modern and contemporary soundscapes. The Nexus Arts Venue becomes ambassador of an unique space where different cultures meet each other; this is a real incentive to socialize, open …

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by Riccardo Barone Four motorbikes, like imprisoned bumblebees trying really hard to escape from the humongous caged up sphere, have shocked the audience. Is today a good day to die walking inside/outside (even backwards) of a huge rotating spinning wheel (even blind folded) challenged by gravity and weight? If that’s not good enough for you …

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FRINGE CABARET/COMEDY – Trickster – La Boheme – 3.5K

Opening night of the Fringe Festival, a thankful and appreciative Bradley Storer took the stage in his tight undies, with his face poorly painted white immediately receiving an uneasy laugh from the quiet audience; bracing all for what was to come. Throughout the entirety of his performance, Storer kept drawing the audience back to that …

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FRINGE EVENTS – Kapunda ghost crime tour – 4K

by Riccardo Barone Emily, the little child who doesn’t like men entering in her room. A murderer killed and then buried by another mysterious one on the same night he committed a terrible homicide. A man, depressed and drunk because his wife cheated on him, came back home and with a knife rip his guts …

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ART – Parklands Art Exhibition – Artspace – Festival Theatre – 3K

The results are now on display in the Festival Centre’s Artspace and it is all worth a visit not that the quality of these finalists is uniformly great. But the variety of approaches is in and of itself intriguing.

FESTIVAL – Lola’s Pergola

With the generous backing of Petaluma Australia, Adelaide Festival’s longstanding wine partner, a collection of wine from local small scale winemakers will be available at Lola’s Pergola.


The 2014 World Tennis Challenge Kids Day will be bigger and better than ever with special guests Dora the Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles making appearances.


By Calen Vanstone   Not too many musicians can be credited for influencing numerous modern-day bands, or even be credited for the creation of a genre, and still be going strong with their own music to this day.   Page Hamilton, frontman and songwriter for alternative-metal band Helmet, is one of those few. Helmet began …

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Adel Festival of Ideas Announces Speakers

The Adelaide Festival of Ideas today announced world renowned physicist Paul Davies will lead an eclectic, entertaining group of speakers at this year’s October event, with tickets on sale from today. Adelaide led the way with the Festival of Ideas, presenting the first one in 1999 – and this year, the “lean in” Festival will …

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SALA – Andrew Clarke and AIPP (Light Gallery)

Full credit to Clarke if for nothing else than having the courage to stay away from decorative forms to attract those only keen on filling up a wall.