RIO 40 : Fringe 2023 : 4K

An Aussie tourist, wide-eyed and somewhat gormless, arrives in Rio ready for adventure.

Rio-born internationally renowned choreographer Talita Fontainha enthusiastically introduced her team of mainly South Australian performers and invited us all to join the party.

With a backdrop of scenes of Rio, the high energy dance routines were accompanied by upbeat music and song. There was a nod to the classics : Brazilian and western along with more modern songs. The action ranged across the many aspects of the city : the dynamism, glamour, culture and zest for living of the locals but also the poverty, crime, police brutality and corruption. There was even a voodoo practitioner who delighted the audience by loudly and colourfully intruding on the proceedings from time to time.

The cast appeared to revel in performing and this added to the feel-good nature of the show. Their energy and the choreography were impressive, as were the regular rapid-fire costume changes. There were acrobatic displays which, although very skilled, were perhaps unnecessary. I felt that they interfered with the storyline and tempo of the rest of the show. The finale was, of course, Carnivale with all the glitz and glamour that conjures up.

This is a show that can be enjoyed by all ages.
Rio 40 is happening at Nexus until March 10th and then at The Lab on the 11th and 17th March

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