FRINGE 2015 – 17th Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival – Palace Nova Cinemas – 4.5K

By Olivia Henry

Sit down and be prepared to take a ride through the imaginations of 12 of the world’s best independent filmmakers.

Although there is no set subject, it is said that entrants often seem to follow similar trends. This year, all films follow the theme of “love, angst and other deceptions.”

Following the screenings, the audience is able to vote for their favourite film through a ballot. With so many like-minded individuals attending, the Festival is a wonderful chance to meet people who are passionate about film. Alternatively, for those who aren’t producers, this event is an excellent opportunity to support local and international up-and-coming filmmakers while also being thoroughly entertained.

It is a wonderful experience to see a variety of films that don’t conform to the usual Hollywood Blockbuster style. With so many different films, it is likely that every attendee will find something that appeals to their sense of humour.


The films:

Makeover is an Australian film featuring an elderly widower who gives himself a drastic makeover prior to his blind date. It features both amusing and cringeworthy moments that will leave you giggling.

The Puerto Rican film, Acrophobia, is a short and whimsical film that follows a man dealing with a recurring nightmare. To his surprise, the remedy does not quite treat the problem the way he had hoped.

5 Ways 2 Die is a clever film from Cyprus that features a man exploring different paths to death. The uniquely dark sense of humour will leave you with a cheeky grin.

The Smelliest Poo in the World is a hilarious silent film from the UK. “Inspired by a true story,” this film features an almost sophisticated toilet humour that turns into Monty Python-style slapstick.

Young Heart is an adorable Australian documentary-style film that follows an elderly man who received a heart transplant.

The third Australian film, Stop Leak, features a young man who finds himself in a laughably awkward situation while meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

The French/Spanish film Voice Over is an incredibly immersive experience. It is easy to forget the real world as the narrator carries the viewer on a surreal journey through a series of extreme situations.

Forget Me Not is a light-hearted film from the UK that highlights the difficulties couples face when one of them cannot remember they are in a relationship. This film is extremely well-written, as it presents 9 minutes of dialogue in an interesting, funny and effortless way.

The US/South Korean film, Oh Baby… Baby?, tells the uncomfortable story of an infertile man who seeks help from his close friend of 20 years.

November is a German film of spiritual reflection that features a very interesting choice of protagonist.

Scincerity is a short yet hilarious Spanish film in which a son must break some very disappointing news to his parents.

Love at First Sight is a beautiful love story from the UK. The cinematography and soundtrack make for a heartwarming story.


17th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival is highly recommended for enthusiastic filmmakers and audiences alike.

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