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The Hackney Hotel will play host to the Rainbow Child Foundation Fashion Show on July 19 to raise funds for underprivileged children around the world. See post for details.

Vintage Clothes Store To Launch – Ill-Gotten Gains

Brand new vintage store, ill-gotten gains opens in Thebarton’s rock’n’roll triangle.

RAW: Fashion Festival – Paolo Sebastian – Festival Hall

Ethereal, captivating, and graceful are just some of the words to describe Paolo Sebastian’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture collection, one of the features of Adelaide Fashion Festival 2011.

RAW: Fashion Festival – TAFE Parade

This year’s graduate’s all varied greatly in their concepts and execution, demonstrating a plethora of different styles sure to satisfy anybodies viewing expectations or desires.

RAW: Fashion Friday – Winter On-line

I would venture to guess that there are folks out there who agree that leaving the couch to shop is just not an option. This is where the internet is a beautiful thing.

RAW: Fashion Friday – American Apparel – Profile

AA’s range, whether of a retrospective or contemporary nature, is concerned with accentuating the physical form, which is evident in their rather promiscuous ad campaigns.