Mar 06

Fringe 2015 – Little Egypt’s Speakeasy – The Deluxe – The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4K

By Tom Eckert


Walking into The Deluxe, turned Little Egypt’s Speakeasy club and finding a booth is stepping straight back into the 1950s. A six piece band, a handful of characters and brilliant baritone MC who speaks in rhyme and all dressed to the nines.

At the heart of this show it is a pleasant evening of music from another time taken to the next level of immersion by the delightful characterisation of all involved down to the musicians.

You’ll meet the cantankerous manager and his two brothers and not least of all the delightful namesake of the club, Little Egypt herself. This early morning of foot tapping is neatly tied together with a quaint little real time narrative of corporate necessity versus the artistic and emotional inner lives, for those of you who have seen the films; you’ll know what wins out in the end accompanied by a big ol’ finale number.

For a pleasant night out and a pleasing aesthetic and a bit of fun, swing past Little Egypt’s Speakeasy and swing the night away.


Kryztoff Rating: 4K

Mar 06

Fringe 2015 – George Glass Presents: Money Shot! – Channel 9 Kevin Crease Studios – 2k

By Tom Eckert


Money Shot! is an original production by George Glass examining the inherent absurdity of the story of the creation of internet porn.

This company continues to produce insightful musical comedy that cuts to the quick of whatsoever they choose to examine. This is the strength of this production; the writing is solid as were the technical elements.

However, at times the show feels like it is a bit big than the three of them can manage. Some of the changes are clunky and the dialogue can lean a bit towards monotone. I do appreciate the minimalistic style which offsets the extremities of the content nicely, however it can occasionally result in a drop in energy which makes it feel like you’re just watching three guys talk.

Overall a sound production; great script but sometimes limited by performership. I do however expect good things in the future.

Kryztoff Rating: 2k

Mar 06

FRINGE 2015 – A Show From Nothing – Bluebee Room – 3K

By Peter Maddern

The premise of this improv show is that the two male actors on stage start with only the basics and then make up the rest, drawing it all together at the end of 60 minutes – hence the name of the show. On opening night, we started with a clapped out Spanish dance teacher and an oldie who likes stitching things. Where it all finished may require a spoiler alert but it is fair to say it was a long way from there as the various stories weaved their way together including the players switching roles along the way.

The Scriptease team have certainly set themselves an ambitious target and while the ensuing hour was engrossing, it somehow felt more like watching a chess game than theatre and a long way, as it proved on this night at least, from the comedy section of the Fringe Guide.

And possibly this is where the issue with A Show From Nothing’s entertainment value rests. Rather than feeling spoken to, the audience would be forgiven for just seeing two men going at each other in an intense battle of wits; somehow more of each’s internal emotions as they sparred with the other on twists and turns of plot would have helped. Moving from behind the two chairs – the only props in the show – and sharing more of the stage’s space with the punters would have aided too.

Still, this was opening night and no doubt both actors would have been delighted the hour ended with both still standing rhetorically and metaphorically. As the season progresses, no doubt too they will both be able to relax and project more than verbalise between themselves.

Anyway, none of this is to derogate from the strength of imagination and daring shown in both the concept and performance of this show and as traditional Fringe fare it is well worth the visit.

Kryztoff Rating 3K

Mar 05

Fringe 2015- East End Cabaret: Sexual Tension – The Deluxe- The Garden of Unearthly Delights – 4k

By Tom Eckert


East End Cabaret is a duo of Bernadette; Deutsche Diva reminiscent of “Wilkommen, Bienvenue” etc etc.And the hermaphroditically dressed musician Victy. A combination of vaudeville and pop culture, if you’re out looking for a riot, you won’t be disappointed.

Whilst not delivering on the literal sexual tension of the title; the show starts with a bang and keeps at you without rest until after the curtain, though it certainly runs wild with the sex. A collection of very entertaining songs ranging from witty word play to shaving hobos, an unassuming but incredibly intelligently crafted score, the two girls will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Despite the adolescent nature of some of the content, these two are clearly extremely capable performers and simply ooze musicianship. It is this, their energy and their chemistry together as performers that creates this unshakable show in a format that could so easily be run off the rails.

Bernadette is the rock of the show. The diva that holds it all together and grabs the audience by the horns, even if she has to climb over four rows of punters to grab you by said horns. But if Bernadette is the rock, Victy is the star. Her musical virtuosity on multiple instruments and exuberance as well as her rapport with the audience is engaging and borderline frightening. Both Bernadette and Victy use the other as the ‘straight guy’ to their gags, but when neither is willing the entire shows just spirals into ever crazier extremes.

This is a show to take your friends to. And if you don’t like them, be sure to sit them in the front row, Bernadette and Victy will take care of the rest.


Kryztoff Rating: 4k

Mar 05

FRINGE 2015 – #FirstWorldWhiteGirls – La Boheme – 5K

We live in such a problematic society, and we feel as if we are alone. This show will make you realise that our problems are either they’re smaller than you think or they’re more than real than they should be.

With a very appropriate venue, Brisbane beauties, Judy Hainsworth and Kaitlin Oliver Parker, better known as the First World White Girls, graces the La Boheme with their incredibly stunning floral dresses, fur capelets and sparkling bling that will surely make any New York socialite act like a magpie.


A very interactive variety show that will make you realise first-hand how first world problems are real problems that’s very much evident through the girl’s genuine emotions. It’s definitely a pleasurable experience for anyone who knows someone or experience these things. Never have a dull moment as they narrate and sing their very witty jokes and tips that would absolutely make go “That’s so true!” with every lyric. It really helps that the songs are very catchy and comical and performed in varying singing styles. It’s an experience of combining all your friends, their whines or simply their Facebook status updates.

Enjoy bonus features such as a free counselling session or hacks to cope up with the ever-challenging consumerist first world life.

Absolutely delightful, and you’d literally question if you want to leave. This show exceeded my expectation and it’s much recommended for everyone. #FirstWorldWhiteGirls #SuperAmazing


Kryztoff Rating: 5K

Mar 05

Fringe 2015 – Excavate – Edments Building – 3K

By Tom Eckert


If you are going to see Gareth Hart’s Excavate, do so with an open and welcoming mind. This is not your traditional performer – audience relationship.

Standing atop the roof of the Edment’s building in Gawler place you are greeted by both the elements and the view split three ways of the hills, the rooves of the East End and an expanse of the tree carpeted parklands. This in itself is quite a delight as it is not an experience often afforded to us.

You will find yourself barefoot, standing and sharing a space with the performer who awaits you prostrate. The performance itself is an interpretive representation of both a macro and journey simultaneously portraying elements of the individual and the species. This is complemented by the adjunct of some technical media which serves to crystallise some of the progression.

The use of constant ambient music and the ceaseless flow of movement serves to create a sort of wash; at worst this flattens any contrast which can result in a sense of sensitisation, but at best develops a rhythm that generates the atmosphere.

At its core, this is a sensory experience more than a performance piece. Between the shifting light of the descending sun and Hart’s choreography, a space for guided introspection is created.


Kryztoff Rating: 3K

Mar 03

FRINGE 2015 – Icarus Falling – Tuxedo Cat – 4K

citymag-icarus-fallingBy Peter Maddern

The Greek myth of Icarus, the boy who, when flying too close to the sun, found the wax that tied his wings together melt, causing him to fall to earth, is reinterpreted in this tour de force by (the appropriately named) Scott Wings. In Wings’ world the myth is less about hubris and ignoring sound advice but rather one about depression.

Developing that theme we get taken into the tower where Icarus and his mean, misanthropic father dwell; Icarus dreaming of another world, a world with the beautiful girl he can’t possess. From there, we criss-cross between those confined spaces, Wings own boyhood and life at large – Icarus falling is about the slow decline into another bad world based on rejection and failure to fit in.

Dressed only in aqua coloured pants and a floppy black singlet, that reveals a series of square tatts under his armpit, Wings dances, jumps and crawls across the Cusask Theatre stage adorned only by a few white feathers. By mid show he is drawing members of the audience into his story, not allowing them the usual distance from a performer. It’s powerful and compelling theatre and certainly more provocative than most of the standard fare on at the Fringe.

Traditional theatre lovers may find Icarus Falling a challenge but those not wedded to the fix ways of sets and costumes will quickly get on his rhetorical path.
Kryztoff Rating 4K

Mar 02

Fringe 2015 – Run – The Holden Street Theatre – 3.5K

By Tom Eckert

indexInspired by the film ‘Run Lola Run’ and the biblical text “Run without becoming weary that you may obtain the prize”, the Melbourne Dance Theatre, with choreography by Martin Sierra create an athletic interpretive metaphor exploring the ideas on interpersonal and fateful cause and effect.

The entire company displayed admirable and very strong classical technique and this proved to be the strength of the production. The sense of narrative was abstract, and if not for the use of projection of content from the film and programmatic text explaining to the audience the progression, it would have been very hard to follow. The music was driving, maintaining the pace and highlighting the physical abilities of the dancers, however it tended to get a bit the same could be said of much of the movement, as impressive as it was, the recurring running motifs hit the point home perhaps a little too hard resulting in sensitisation, leaving the audience waiting for the next sequence.

As a whole the use of projection, music and lighting were certainly effective and the company managed to express their ideas. But the stars of the show are inevitably the dancers maintained a vibrant energy from start the end.

Kryztoff rating: 3.5K

Mar 01

FRINGE 2015 – Arrested, Under-Developed & Under-Medicated – Published Arthouse – 4K

Screen-Shot-2015-01-14-at-3.25.22-pmBy Peter Maddern

If magic shows are your thing, then this show is a must see. Krendl is an American, bald (covered with a nifty hat) and in a tuxedo who has a substantial pedigree in the trade (he has a DVD out as he kept telling his audience). In this 90 minute show, he dishes up a series of captivating tricks, mostly with the help of audience members that astound and confound in equal measure – rope tricks, razor blades down the throat, disappearing money and so on.

In the eclectic Published Arthouse, the show is far beyond your standard Rundle Mall busker and the man himself sustains a frothy enthusiasm even in the face of a meagre crowd (which is actually somewhat of a travesty – still with the Fringe you have to start somewhere.)

A bit of a sleeper I suspect this Fringe and certainly well worth checking out in his final two shows next Friday and Saturday evenings.

Kryztoff Rating    4K

Mar 01

A Bee’s Dick Away FRINGE 2015 4K

Lisa Harper Campbell’s one woman show, a Bee’s Dick Away, begins with a cantankerous teenager bursting into her bedroom and revealing that she was quite close to having never existed.

The play is a frank and humorous discussion of a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a child and the difficult questions associated.

Lisa’s character begins as an overly articulate and clever teenage girl struggling with the news that her mother almost made the decision not to have her. As the play continues the issue is delved into further and approached from several different angles.

Lisa’s dialogue is at first confronting and raw, but as the play continues she softens and sends ripples of laughter through the audience. Lisa’s acting is superb, carrying the emotions and thoughts of her character exceptionally.

This issue is clearly an important one to her and one she has deliberated on.

This play raises important questions which are too often shied away from in society. The implications of these decisions, one way or the other, can be extensive and it becomes clear that there are insufficient structures in place to help young women make these decisions.

This is an important play, the subject matter and social implications need to be discussed. No longer does a socially progressive play have to be about something as acute as live exports or saving the ocelot. Broader underlying societal issues that are simply overlooked, ignored or not addressed are welcome, especially when they’re discussed with the cheeky wit of Lisa Harper Campbell.


A Bee’s Dick Away is hosted at the Bakehouse Theatre



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