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FRINGE 2021 – James Donald Forbes McCann: Aussie and Proud – 4K – The Howling Owl

James Donald Forbes McCann has a dream. It’s not particularly interesting, nor is it anything similar to Martin Luther King Jr.’s infamous dream, but it’s a dream nonetheless. And by the end of the show, you’ll know the dream whether you like it or not. James is Aussie and Proud, and throughout his brand new …

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FRINGE 2021: Karen from Finance is Out of Office – Gluttony – 5K

I’ll just come out and say it from the start: this is drag at its finest. This is pure entertainment. This is Karen from Finance. One of Australia’s most beloved drag queens returns to Adelaide Fringe for the first time in years in her solo show. Karen from Finance has accrued 4 months worth of …

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FRINGE 2021 – Ange Lavoipierre: Zealot – Gluttony – 4K

Do you believe in God? What about Santa? In that case, why not a Christmas demon called Krampus or a “slutty Blue Google Maps Dot”? Comedian and Journalist Ange Lavoipierre of The Signal fame asks these questions – the same ones she asked her mum when she was 10, just before she was converted by a group …

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FRINGE 2021: The Bakers – The Mill – 5K

Allons-y! We’re off La Boulangerie de Gustav (which coincidentally resides in The Mill on Angas Street), a French bakery run by Gustav himself along with his two hapless sons, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Claude. Flour will fly, cigarettes are smoked, and you better duck before the deadly slices of bread get smack you right on your forehead. …

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FRINGE 2021: The Kaye Hole – Gluttony – 5K

Raucous, hedonistic host of the night Reuben Kaye professes that this late night cabaret club, The Kaye Hole, is a safe place for dangerous individuals. A place where “women, LGBTQIA+ people, and even *gag* heterosexual men” can be free to be themselves. The Kaye Hole is certainly that – free from the social confines of usual Fringe shows …

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FRINGE 2020: Passengers – RCC – 4K

What happens when a mind tries to protect itself from the horrors it’s seen and endured? The answer – sometimes – is the subject of Passengers, an experimental physical theatre piece from UK-based company Vacuum Theatre. Max wants to tell you his story. And so we hear it – through three of his personalities, each with …

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FRINGE 2020: Shit-Faced Shakespeare: Hamlet – Gluttony – 4.5K

Every Fringe experience should include a session of Shit-Faced Shakespeare. The concept is simple: bring together a group of classically-trained actors, give them a Shakespeare play, get one of them drunk, and see what happens. This time, it’s Hamlet, and whilst we get to the end of the famous work, it’s definitely not the most …

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FRINGE 2020: Gobby – Gluttony – 4K

In Britain, a ‘gobby’ is a loudmouth, someone who talks – a lot. Bri has been a gobby her whole life, and never found standing up for herself an issue. Next thing she knows, she’s in an emotionally abusive relationship with someone who isolates her from her friends and makes her feel at her lowest. …

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FRINGE 2020: YUCK Circus – Gluttony – 4.5K

Trying to think of a word to describe YUCK Circus, I continually came back to one simple one: fun. This show is complete, total, fun. It’s hilarious, ridiculous, unadulterated fun. This talented group of circus performers from Western Australia have created a show that skewers the status quo, not just of circus, but in society …

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FRINGE 2020: HarleQueen – The Mill – 3.5K

Comedian Abby Howells takes you on a journey through history, looking at some of the world’s funniest, most successful, and often forgotten women. From a film star of the 1900s that was Charlie Chaplin’s mentor, to famous comedian-turned-reality-star Joan Rivers, we learn about these women and their talents, before understanding that, unsurprisingly, they end up …

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