Fringe 2018: COMEDY – JIMEOIN: RIDICULOUS – Flinders University Plaza – 4K

After almost 30 years in the industry, many comedians grow stale, unable to form new jokes and riding on the wave of their once-lucrative popularity. Sometimes their sense of humour becomes dated, or their jokes repetitive.

This is not true for Jimeoin.

There’s something about Jimeoin’s style of charming observational humour that stands the test of time.

He is your favourite party guest; your funny uncle; your Irish dad that shows off when your friends come over.

His 2018 show RIDICULOUS at Flinders University Plaza started with warm-up act GEORGIE CARROLL, an emergency nurse in Adelaide. Her style complemented Jimeoin’s perfectly with her disdain for the picture-perfect mum at her son’s school and stories of psych patients in the emergency room.

When Jimeoin’s time to shine arrived, he danced onto the stage with his signature shoulder shrugs, exaggerated winks and knowing nods to the audience.

His audience interaction is something that keeps his routines fresh; you’ll often find he’ll stop midway through a joke because he was reminded of a better one, either through his unique train of thought or from an audience disruption.

While he covers a range of topics including religion, technology, relationships, toilets and sex, his brand of humour is not edgy or offensive. Jimeoin’s observational style does just that: it observes, leaving the audience laughing and nudging their friends, whispering “that is so me!” (a phrase I heard multiple times throughout the night).

This seasoned comedian also uses physical humour incredibly well throughout his performance, sometimes going minutes without speaking yet still leaving the audience doubled over with laughter.


Jimeoin’s casual chatter combined with his timeless style and impeccable comedic timing ensures I’ll return to his shows year after year. His show is over for this year, but keep an eye on next year’s fringe guide for his triumphant return to this great city.



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