FUEGO CARNAL – Gluttony – 5K

EMPYREAN  – 7pm March 2nd 2018

Review by GARY CLARKE   –  5K

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Reviewed by GARY CLARKE    5K

Fuego Carnal is Spanish for Fire-Flesh  and the title of the show is brilliantly descriptive of this amazing performance.   When I first saw the flyer I  was impressed at the visual impact it made.  So as I was arriving at the venue I was a bit concerned at how this tiny tent posited deep in the bowels of  Gluttony was going to host such an event.   The combination of Fire +Flesh + Plastic in an enclosed space  had my OH&S trained brain doing backflips !

There are a lot of circuses out there and an absolute glut of them in Gluttony, The Garden, The Croquet Club and beyond.  Most of them are really really good and some are excellent.  This one was excellent !   True to its name, Fuego Carnal was on fire,  literally and figuratively.   My safety  concerns were allayed once inside the venue which was cleverly designed and purpose built specifically for this troupe and its fiery performances by none other than the founders of Fuego Carnal.   I ceased scanning the room for fire extinguishers, fire blankets and emergency exits and kicked back to enjoy the show.  And what a show.

This tight knit group of outstanding performers treated us to displays of acrobatics, fire eating, sword swallowing, singing, vaudeville, comedy, more fire, even more fire, great music, feats of contortion, body control,  dance, ice skating (yes you read that right!) impossible archery  and an explosion of hard rock bagpipes venting flames into the sky.!   Watching a human form swallow a 50cm sword then cavort and flip violently across the stage without dis-embowelling himself is an image which will haunt my dreams for some time.

The background music, sound effects and mixing were spot on.  Every performer was a star. Evocative and sexy, this is much more than circus.   The intimacy of the surroundings was breathtaking.  I think I might go back for seconds!.  You must see and experience this.    This show is really HOT!

Review by GARY CLARKE 5K

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