by Riccardo Barone


Soma: it’s the harmonic marriage between music and science.
Our body pulses following a specific rhythm, also vibrating on different frequencies. What happens if we try to translate everything in music? We would listen to our body symphony: heartbeat, breath, brain waves, they are becoming numbers and then frequencies, so finally sound.
Two composers working on this pioneering project: Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt, which I remember them for their spectacular Firmament at the Fringe 2017.
The spacious Harts Mills in Port Adelaide is the right environment for this meditating experience.
The audience comes equipped with yoga mats: fundamentals to prepare our state of mind for a bath sound with closed eyes.
The music has been performed with live electronics and Tibetan bowls, cymbals, tam tam, gongs. It has been completely immersing, the experience is a deep voyage into your consciousness.
Around the space you could enjoy some artwork realised by the artist Jessica Curtis based on Fibonacci’ s sequence mixed with numbers coming from the results of the study on human body’s frequencies, weight and other factors.


Another permanent installation with music from headphones was at the end of the space where you could sit or lay down on a mat and allow yourself to go in a deep meditation.
Art will always be in touch with the space around us and above us, and at the moment we need to experience more events like this one, to amplify our sensitivity and knowledge of our essence.

The amount of work done for this event is really impressive!

Kryztoff Rating  5K

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