by Riccardo Barone



The Adelaide Wind Orchestra comes back to the Fringe with a program all based on music performed/awarded/written around the Tony awards (the highest US theater award).
What a pity for the low amount of people coming to the show!
The conductor David Polain, with hilarity and charisma, demonstrates the hard work behind hours spent on rehearsals; the orchestra plays with a compact sound, full dynamism and strong precision, as we can listen from the performance of L. Bernstein’ s Overture Candide.
Melissa McCaig, with the already Director of Music of the Concordia College Mat Noble, introduces the concert and sings with excellent interpretation and involving passion some of the Broadway classics such as All that jazz.
The potential and the strength of the Awo is a reality that needs to be enhanced. Last Fringe has been outstanding with Awo at the Oscar,  performing soundtracks from awarded movies.
Probably the bizzare decision to perform this year on a Saturday at 2:30 pm didn’t really help to bring more audience.

 Kryztoff Rating  4K

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