INTERACTIVE – Selfies After Dark – Brklyn – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Steph Somers is important, at least in the Instagram world. She has a glowing smile, a squad who tag along with her to nightclubs and 70k followers. She may even be an influencer (but not in the Bill Gates mold).

But she has a dark side, a bitchiness that her adoring fans know nothing about but which some of her closest friends are eager to reveal, for in the social media world it’s not just the haters and stalker-nazis who may wish to bring you down.

Brendan Hay’s take on Steph and her ilk probably doesn’t break new ground when it comes to the story but it is the interactivity aspects that makes this show great.

Participants are led around some of the grottiest parts of east Rundle Street in search of Steph by the attractive Alicia (surely she must have 70k followers as well) and along the way we receive Steph’s Instagram feed updates on the dramas unfolding ahead of us all at the nightclub where we are all heading. The combination of vision and story from Steph’s, her friend’s, her stalkers and who knows who else”s perspectives peels away the layers of these false and sad lives. It’s riveting layered drama.

It’s also all great fun and those who are into this stuff will lap it up. This is a clever and well composed production and well worth being part of Brendan’s squad for Steph.

Kryztoff Rating  4K

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