Fringe 2019 – Anya Anastasia : The Executioners – 5K

A highly entertaining performance full of subtle satire and cutting wit.

Self-appointed superhero Anastasia opens her show via live facetime, thus setting the scene for what is to follow.
Accompanied by her very talented ‘au pair’ Gareth Chin she takes us on a rollicking ride where she rails against lightweight activism. Clever song writing and musicianship, referencing the protest songs of the past and delivered with charisma and humour, make stark the contrast between movements working to bring about change and the self serving, pretentious nature of much online activism.
Her bitchiness is balanced by self-deprecation. A video backdrop of the worst of daily news manages to make one feel for her hapless character and her search for meaning and solutions, despite her ignorance and her lack of awareness of her privileged position. We recognise the helplessness that one can feel in the face of the world’s problems. Her barbs hit home. She sets out to make us feel complicit, makes us examine our own behaviour and attitudes.
Sporting bright white spandex yoga gear she clashes with her dark clad co-star from ‘Tartarstan’, their banter and physical interactions lay bare the divide between the privileged West and the ‘other’. They remind us of the lack of understanding, snobbery and sense of entitlement that are all too common in our society.
The musicianship is top-notch, there are absolute gems amongst the lyrics, and this energetic performance flows smoothly throughout.
Hmm…I may have made this sound a bit too serious – this is a very, very funny show.
Gluttony at the Masonic Lodge until Mar 3rd

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