FRINGE THEATRE – Scott Wings: Whiplash – The National Wine Centre, Adelaide – 3.5K

By Alisha Dyer

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is way too cliché for Scott Wings. His likes to hide under restaurant tables, in the handbags of potential lovers. Or completely pack up and leave at the most inconvenient of times, leaving his brain all alone to navigate the world both inside and outside of his body.

Whiplash is a 55 minute shared experience, whereby a handful of people share an hour and a small space with a man dressed simply, on a simple stage while he tells a story through physical theatre.

The story is relatable, but essentially personal and has been written over the lifetime of a man trying to be a man in a modern world. A roller-coaster of emotion (and sweat) pours out of Scott, which is at times touching and others grotesque, but always energetic.

Memories from past selves pop up to say hello, bringing humour, curiosity and sentiment with them. Questions will be asked. Some of them will be answered. The writing is well thought out from opening to closing line, tying all the unravelled threads back together in a closed loop. How satisfying.

Take a little journey into the mind and body of Scott and discover something about yourself along the way. Whiplash is showing in both The Vines and Gallery Rooms at the National Wine Centre. Recommended for a Mature Audience.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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