FRINGE MUSIC – Sound & Silence – The Mill – The Breakout, Adelaide – 4.5K

By Alisha Dyer

No amplification, no accompaniment, no frills – just vocal skills! Award-winning contemporary vocal ensemble Voice of Transition presents a 30 minute a Cappella show that will ignite your senses and leave you wanting more!

The performance takes place in a small, dark hall, the only light source the warm glow of flameless candles. The audience is seated back-to-back as the vocalists enter the room single file and line the walls to completely surround and enclose you. It feels intimate and almost ritual like. The room is silent with anticipation.

That first deep breath is followed by a chorus of voices singing in unison, softly at first then growing louder and pausing with precision. You can’t see many faces but you hear many voices. You are immersed in the sound of the human voice. You can feel the passion for music in the energy that flows between performer to listener in every direction. I found myself closing my eyes and dropping my shoulders as my mind and body relaxed into a meditative state.

When the last song was announced I didn’t want to leave my chair. I would have happily sat through a full hour of Sound and Silence. The only thing holding me back from a 5K rating is the fact that I was left wanting more. More skin tingling harmonies, louder rises and a longer performance. Move me to tears – I know you can!

The ticket price is very reasonable (a bargain really) and there are only two performance dates left (and selling out fast) so get in quick! Book your experience on Friday 1st or 15th March at The Mill.

Sound and Silence is suitable for all ages that can sit quietly, wheelchair accessible and comes with complimentary goosebumps.

Kryztoff Rating 4.5K

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