FRINGE CIRCUS & PHYSICAL THEATRE — LE AERIAL — Apollo Theatre, Adelaide Convention Centre — 3K

By Belle Dunning

Le Aerial showcases the high-flying skills of home-grown athletes and dancers in a family-friendly performance.

The show is made up of various aerial acts by young performers from Aerial Artists Australia, who show-off their strength and flexibility on ropes, silks, chains and a variety of suspended objects. A singer accompanies each act live on stage, adding some theatre and turning this into a cabaret-style performance.

The aerial acts were graceful, and complemented well by the lighting and costuming, but they lacked excitement and that something extra that makes a Fringe show truly memorable.

Although the audience seemed to enjoy the show (and on the back of a sell-out 2018 season), I found it a little forced and clichéd in its delivery. There wasn’t a cohesive link between each aerial act or song choice, the showmanship felt overdone at times, and it lacked the depth and grit needed to really pull you in.

Le Aerial is a solid performance of aerial skill and strength suitable for all ages. It shows potential but hasn’t yet found its own unique voice in the Fringe physical theatre scene. 

Kryztoff Rating 3K

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