FRINGE THEATRE — THE SORRY MUM PROJECT — Exhibition Hall @ The National Wine Centre — 3.5K

By Belle Dunning

Playwright and performer Pippa Ellams and director and producer Hannah Goodwin (of Pip and Han Inc) produce a modern, fun and honest theatre performance that is firmly grounded in the real world.

‘The Sorry Mum Project’ explores Pippa’s relationship with her real-life mum, and how they ended up so emotionally alienated that Pippa decided to make a Fringe show about it. Over the course of an hour, Pippa talks (and dances) her way through ridiculous and haltingly honest stories from her childhood and teen years, bringing the audience along for the ride. 

An awkward teenager with an overbearing showgirl for a mother, childhood dreams that are crushed by over-zealous body hair, family turmoil at the Moulin Rouge. At times embarrassing and uncomfortable, it’s also funny, quirky and uplifting.

Both a cathartic performance of coming to terms with her own guilt and a sincere apology to her mum, Pippa’s performance is refreshing in its honesty. This is theatre that isn’t trying to be anything fancy — it’s simple, up-close and personal. The show leaves you realising that we’re all just inadequate human beings trying to do our best, and we really should be a little nicer to our parents.

The Sorry Mum Project has now finished showing at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe, but keep an eye out for these girls in 2020.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5K

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