LUCY GRANSBURY – “DRAMA” – Friday 8th March 2019 7:15pm

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At THE BALCONY – Griffins Hotel – Hindmarsh Square Adelaide

Review by Gary Clarke    5 stars

Lucy Gransbury is a consummate performer. She commands a room and serves up a veritable feast of cabaret, stand up, song, witty repartee and “Fantales” lollies!! Lucy informs us that she has been chasing fame (and happiness) all her life and hopes one day she will feature on a Fantales wrapper. But happiness is not dramatic and where is the fun in that.!

This night Lucy belted out a series of songs to emphasise her point. “Life is a cabaret”, “No more F*%#s to give” and some clever, witty, profane and utterly hilarious lyrics delivered brilliantly,Tom Lehrer style. Then there was the thigh- slappingly funny parody of M&Ms “One Shot” Our audience shrieked with laughter, singing along and clearly enraptured by our multi-talented host.

The venue was The Balcony Room overlooking Hindmarsh Square and the room was packed in this sold out performance. To use Lucy’s term, the venue “juxtaposed” with a finely tuned performance and an appreciative audience produced a damn fun night out. Lucy entreatsed us to not waste our lives chasing dreams and , to enjoy ourselves now. Maybe happiness could lie in the mantra “F*%# it this is good enough”

Well Lucy I think you proved your point. This show was a hell of a lot more than good enough. It was a knockout !…You really are a hero after all, no drama.

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GARY CLARKE – Kryztoff RAW     —-       5 stars




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