FRINGE – Circus & Physical Theatre – The Otherworld – Empyrean – Gluttony – 3.5K


By Alisha Dyer

With a late timeslot in Gluttony’s Empyrean, The Otherworld is an interesting little nightcap. Sit through the witching hour with a circus performance that fringes on the dark side of the arts.

Olio Circus came together just last year and have spent eight months preparing their debut show. The line-up includes aerial, floor, contortion and fire performances, with each artist getting their time to shine. All routines are complimented by some serious guitar shredding.

The Otherworld has been created and directed by multidisciplinary performance artists Chantelle Reed, Natalie Tran, Melissa Johns and Ellyse Bunney, who are are all local to Adelaide. Hooray for local talent! Together with their troop they bring creative costumes, talent and skill to a Fringe show that chooses dark eye-liner over glitter.

With the audience seated quite close, there’s really nowhere to hide and the performers are under the pump to hold perfect pose, composure and appropriate facial expressions throughout their risky routines.

I really enjoyed the live electric guitar, but do think a darker and dressier set would elevate the performance. I was expecting a creepier experience.

The Otherworld is 50 minutes of well organised professionals, showcasing their talent and skill in a performance that differs (a little) from the norm. For two weekends only you can support your local artists, transfixing your eyes and holding your breath as they play with fire and flirt with gravity.

Kryztoff Rating 3.5.

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