FRINGE 2019 – Sound Bath – Plant Song – 5K

by Riccardo Barone

Sacred Resonance are an electronic music duo consisting of Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt, often collaborating with the Visual Artist Jessica Curtis.

Their extremely interesting research project presented for the Fringe 2019 has been inspired by two books: The secret life of plants by P. Tompkins and The hidden geometry of flowers by K. Critchlow.

The Sacred through the Symmetry,  the research of a form of communication between plants and human beings through the unexplored possibilities of sound, Science and Art find their marriage here, where the Duo demonstrates how beans’seeds could sprout through frequencies stimulation.

The Diamond Gallery in Port Adelaide is surrounded by Jessica Curtis’s works (all based on the geometry of flowers) hanged on the walls while in the middle of the room you can see several pots with beans sprouts and headphones in between diffusing frequencies from 7000 to 20000 Hz needed to stimulate the growth.  Some specific plants around the room are wired connected to speakers in order to produce sounds when touched.

This meditation-concert allows you to lay down on yoga mats for a deeper and more comfortable experience of an hour of hypnotizing live electronic music.

Kriztoff rating: 5k

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