EINSTEIN – Pleasance Courtyard – 3.5K

By Peter Maddern

Pip Utton is an institution at the Edinburgh Fringe and his portrayals have been hailed worldwide (think in his Adolf.) For 2019, Utton takes on one of the great figures of the 20th century, his life and his work. 

It is the mark of a performer that he can so effortlessly go for his audience from being seen as an older actor wearing make-up to seemingly being in the presence of the very man he is representing. In this regard Utton remains on top of his game.

His breaking of the fourth wall, even his deprecation of his stage props, further speaks to a confidence that few others could emulate let alone successfully deliver. 

However, as the average age of his audience at this show suggested, theatre in the Ed Fringe cauldron has moved on, with violence of so many origins now integral to the most highly regarded contemporary words (my next visit to Nights by Henry Naylor could not speak more to this point.)

This is not to criticise the writing or the performance, just a note that seeing Pip Utton remains a most rewarding experience but perhaps not one that will top ‘must see’ lists, other than perhaps for those who have previously revelled in his mastery.

Kryztoff Rating.  3.5K

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