FEMME by ERIN FOWLER – Imagination Workshop – 4K

By Peter Maddern

Erin Fowler is a most attractive woman, her model looks matched by a sports girl’s physique. But coming from an older white male this type of portrayal is pretty much exactly what this work is aimed to counter. So, let me explain why such a view may assist you in buying a ticket to her next and last show but also why this work will have you talking about it after.

As Fowler explains, being spoken to and not allowed to have a discussion with is what drove her disillusionment with the fashion promotion industry. In Femme, she tackles not just this but the seemingly ingrained perceptions of people about others in various stages of life and roles held. 

Through numerous costume changes, Fowler performs down what is otherwise a fashion show’s catwalk, her persona changing from school girl, to wedding belle, pole dancer to one climbing the corporate ladder. Throughout her audience hears testimonies, reflections and instinctual commentary from those who judge and who have been judged in those roles.

As such, all the elements together make for a powerful message and commentary on identity, lived and perceived, leaving audience members to discuss from their various perspectives, defined by their gender, age and own lives as to the merits of the issue and solutions to the problem.

Kryztoff Rating.    4K 

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