CATCHING COMETS – Pleasance Courtyard – 3.5K

By Peter Maddern

Manchester’s Ransack Theatre has brought an engaging new work to the Edinburgh Fringe. Dressed in a pick-up volleyballer’s kit, Toby, aged 27, lives unfulfilled fantasies involving making it with girls, action heroes and making sense of the universe around him. Into his orb comes challenges on all fronts but whether he can be as strong in the real world as he believes he would be in a Rambo movie; well that’s the question.

This is a stylish and sophisticated production where ‘Toby’, (one can’t find the name of the actual actor – with apologies to him), working three sides of the stage, transitions, perhaps more appropriately described as snaps, between his worlds with great dexterity and confidence, aided by strong work in the lighting and sound departments. He is a fresh and talented performer.

The work, in this reviewer’s eyes, could do with some thinning out in the last 15 minutes and one questions whether any audience can build much sympathy for a 27 year old male, who tend, as a breed, to be absorbed with their own knowledge and rights to property of all kinds. Perhaps, a character pitched five or more years younger may better present the challenges of a young man still making his way.

Notwithstanding, if you’re looking to catch a good show, Catching Comets should not to be underestimated as a satisfying way to spend an hour at the Pleasance one afternoon.

Kryztoff Rating. 3.5K  

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