OzAsia Festival – Beirut Electro Parade – 3.5K

by Riccardo Barone

Focused on the Electronic Music scene, the producer Hadi Zeidan inspires the city of Adelaide with a rich selection of DJs and the most modern and contemporary soundscapes. The Nexus Arts Venue becomes ambassador of an unique space where different cultures meet each other; this is a real incentive to socialize, open our minds to a friendly night, surrounded with pleasant drinks, giving everyone the opportunity to transfigure our presence in Beirut’s The Ballroom Blitz, bathing ourselves in the Mediterraneo sensual avant-garde sounds.

The console featured all Lebanese Composers: Josef Junior Sfeir, Renata and Jad Atoui, which we remember his performances with John Zorn and his “Biosonics” project in collaboration with the Scientist Ivan Marazzi.

The Beirut Electronic Parade required a well crowded scenario (packed!) in order to shine at its best, but unfortunately that night was not the case. The dance floor was quite empty, and not because was “too early”.

Kryztoff rating: 3.5k

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