Fringe Theatre: Post Mortem – Holden Street Theatres – 3K

By Peter Maddern

Post-Mortem is a play about teenage love; it’s promise, it’s tortures and its failures.

Nancy (Essie Barrow) and Alex (playwright Iskandar Sharazuddin) met at a University biology class dissecting a dead pig. From their anatomical failures there they learn new lessons on the topic as their love grows.

When we meet them they are attending, ten years on, the marriage of mutual good friends but even then the scars of their time together a decade before have not healed, the bitterness and misunderstandings are still raw and the questions that arose then still need answers.

The to and fro between the players is mixed with modern dance which both perform with aplomb.

The story itself all seems real enough even if a touch without captivating nuance. The delightful Barrow is perhaps a little too perfect, her manipulation of her crucial decisions as the fault of Alex requiring greater expressions of motive.

If they can be coaxed away from their devices, younger audiences will find this engaging fare without it ever being likely to shake them up.

Kryztoff Rating   3K

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