Fringe 2020 – Lustre at Nineteen Ten – 3K

Burlesque shows always draw a large Fringe crowd, and ‘Lustre’ was no exception. Who wouldn’t want to have tickets to an evening of titillating entertainment, audience interaction and flowing libations?

Presented by The Burlesque Beauties, this one hour event makes the most of the glorious rooftop venue at Nineteen Ten on Hindley Street.

Overall, the show was an entertaining way to spend a Friday night, with a variety of different sexy acts to thrill patrons. However, not all areas of the venue had good lines of sight to the main stage, and despite the best attempts of the performers to include all audience goers, this at times affected the atmosphere of the show. Similarly, at times some of the acts felt more like a dress rehearsal, with some apparent last minute jitters and minor mishaps which distracted from the seamless appearance of the show.

Nonetheless, the audience was entertained, and eagerly participated in the crash course in burlesque presented shortly before the finale. Despite not being spectacular, the show was very enjoyable overall.

Public Service Announcement: whatever you do, don’t sit in the splash zone.



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